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Digital-Out-Of-Home Advertising

At BBA Digital Media we have a strong network of 40 digital advertising screens across Norwich and inside a fleet of taxis. Our digital screens are situated in high footfall locations across Norwich, viewable all day and all night receiving over 10 million impressions a year. DOOH advertising through BBA is a fantastic and cost effective way to raise brand awareness!


DOOH advertising compliments and amplifies other advertising mediums, capturing captivated audiences who live, work and visit our fine city. DOOH is a broadcast medium, being visible on our screens across Norwich raises the profile of your company, making it famous and achieving stand-out.

Success isn't always measured in click throughs, enquiries, website visits and sales. It's just as important to build your brand through raising awareness. Our digital screens are the perfect fit in doing that.

Below you will find about the many benefits of advertising on our digital advertising screens.

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